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Welcome to the articles section of We have a collection of articles about marketing, TTB regulations, and State-by-State compliance. We are always adding to the articles section. Please stay informed by subscribing to our channel , liking our Facebook Page , and following our Twitter feed . We have a Pinterest page , where you can find inspiration for your next project. We have created a collection of wine labels and art prints on our boards. Thank you for visiting

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Wine Label Approvals Family Owned proudly supports Importers and Wineries in the U.S.

Please contact me before you send any labels by mail. Please send tracking number to my e-mail address below.
PO Box 645
Southport, CT 06890

Wine Labels to be scanned can be sent to the PO Box. Please make sure the labels are clean, clear, and readable.

Cell: 203-260-3152
(Texting Enabled On Cell Phone)
Skype: ryan.broadbin

Eastern Time (ET): Connecticut

Please send wine labels as attachments to the e-mail address above. Any format is acceptable: jpgs, tifs, pdfs, psd, .eps. For wine label approvals, the source files from the printers are perfect, but any of the file variations will work for the submission process.

For the first batch of labels with, please forward your basic permit. The basic permit is needed to setup an account with the TTB COLA system. The account setup with is free.

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