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How Do I Find A Font on A Wine Label?

You may like the typography of a wine label and wonder what types of fonts were used to create the label, or in the stages of doing research for your own wine label. It is often difficult to find the font of a wine label, but there are good Internet-based tools to help you. This article covers what is needed to find a font on a particular wine label.

The Steps For Finding A Font On A Wine Label

If you want to find out what type of font a graphic designer used on a label, I would recommend the web site This web site is a great tool for researching a particular font on a label. The first step is to scan, or a find a picture of the label online through Google or Bing images. The image needs to be “flat,” and text needs to be isolated from the rest of the individual elements.

In Adobe Photoshop (or the open source program GIMP), the text needs to be isolated by using the selection tools, and then copies into a separate file. I would recommend converting the file to gray scale, so all of the text is black. Then, save the file as jpg with all of the text. Try uploading the jpg with just isolated text onto: . If that does not work, then I would use the selection tools in Adobe Photoshop to isolate the individual letters. Please make sure that these individual files are high resolution, so the algorithm that determines font on the web site is accurate. It may take a couple of tries to isolate the text, and then to find the actual font or an approximate.

Once the file is uploaded onto the web site, fetches a list of fonts from a database. The web site usually lists fonts that match, or outputs fonts that are relatively close.

There is another tool offered through the Adobe service, This service lets you find a font by simply uploading a graphic with text. is similar to I think has a better algorithm for finding fonts than

When you find the particular font, MyFont lets you buy a license to use that font on your computer. uses a different format. The web site lets you sync fonts from the TypeKit platform to Adobe products, such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. Some fonts need to be purchased, and do not fall under the Adobe Creative Cloud license.

This tool is great for web sites too.

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