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What type of services does provide?

For $25.00 per Wine Label/COLA form

We will complete the Label Approval Process at the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, TTB, on Your Behalf:

1) Preparing the label images to be compliant with the TTB COLA web site. Converting the provided label images to RGB mode and jpgs. Using graphic programs, such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, to shrink, resize, or crop images.

2) Reviewing text on the front and back labels to make sure the labels include all of the mandatory information: Classification and Type, ALC by VOL., GOVERNMENT WARNING, etc.

3) Filling out the Certificate of Label Approval (COLAs) Forms for each wine product, and then uploading the label images onto the TTB COLA web site.

4) Monitoring the status of each individual Certificate of Label Approval application online.

What type of services does provide? running time: 43 seconds In this video, we describe the type of services provides to wineries and importers.

5) If necessary, we will talk to a TTB reviewer on your behalf in order to get an approval.

6) If necessary, we will make the required changes if the TTB rejects your initial application and label.

7) Managing Your TTB COLA online account, keeping a record of password changes required every 90 days.

8) We will keep a history of your COLAs on file in print and electronic form.

Why Should I Use For My Wine Labels?

Time Saver.

It estimated that is takes 30 minutes to complete a Certificate of Label Approval application. We have the patience to wait on the phone to speak to a TTB label reviewer. Let us fill out the forms and wait on your behalf.

Up-to-Date on TTB COLA online portal

We are familiar with the TTB COLA online portal system, and the cryptic messages on rejected Certificate of Label Applications (COLAs). We are constantly reading the published TTB documentation online to stay current.

Why should I use for my wine labels? running time: 45 seconds In this video, we explain why you should use to process your wine labels at the TTB.

Save Money

Just $25.00 per label. No consulting fees or hidden fees. Initial account setup for COLAs online is free.

Wine Label Approvals Family Owned
We make sure your labels are compliant prior to sending them to COLAS online

Dedicated Customer Support

We are committed to providing excellent customer service. Contact us on anytime, weekends, nights, or throughout the week if you have any questions.

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Contact Us

Wine Label Approvals Family Owned proudly supports Importers and Wineries in the U.S.

Please contact me before you send any labels by mail. Please send tracking number to my e-mail address below.
PO Box 645
Southport, CT 06890

Wine Labels to be scanned can be sent to the PO Box. Please make sure the labels are clean, clear, and readable.

Cell: 203-260-3152
(Texting Enabled On Cell Phone)
Skype: ryan.broadbin

Eastern Time (ET): Connecticut

Please send wine labels as attachments to the e-mail address above. Any format is acceptable: jpgs, tifs, pdfs, psd, .eps. For wine label approvals, the source files from the printers are perfect, but any of the file variations will work for the submission process.

For the first batch of labels with, please forward your basic permit. The basic permit is needed to setup an account with the TTB COLA system. The account setup with is free.

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